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Solutions for the future available today. This is how we can define Criptoro, a Spanish company with a worldwide vocation, as it is the first company in its sector that offers a wide variety of products and services for consumers and companies in the blockchain environment. 

Until now we have seen how crypto coin projects and application development in blockchain struggled to solve a need or improve a service by taking advantage of cost, time and reliability of blockchain technology. 

But what if we could concentrate the solutions to various problems in a single platform? This is the project that Criptoro is making a reality. In fact, the Spanish company plans to expand into several international markets, including the African continent where it has strategic alliances to deepen its strategy of tokenization of services and universalization of its products. 

Criptoro bases its business model on two well-defined areas thanks to its own development team and its strategic alliances with various partners. 

On the one hand, it provides service to companies, helping and advising them in their tokenization process. With special emphasis on the sports industry, a sector with great potential in Spain. Criptoro, through its DAPP Sport section, has reached an agreement with the largest indoor soccer club in the world, Movistar Inter FS, for the development of a decentralized application tailored to the sports club. 

But this is only the beginning, according to the Spanish company’s management, since talks are underway with other major sports institutions, specifically in the world of soccer, in order to reach agreements that will culminate in the tokenization of these sports entities. 

On the other hand, Criptoro wants to offer, and in fact already does, a series of products aimed at the end user that will make its web a reference portal at a European and global level for all those users who are looking for decentralized solutions in the blockchain environment for everyday problems. 


As an example, we can see how we can find in its web: 

Decentralized wallet for storage and management of crypto coins ERC-20

Instant Exchange, with which you can make exchanges between more than 300 currencies, with the best exchange rate guaranteed, it is also connectable to Metamask, Trezor, Exodus, etc



EFID, the online school of Criptoro. With courses elaborated and designed especially for people without knowledge of cryptocurrencies and blockchain to start their training process and, as their learning level evolves, so does the level of these courses. This way we have been able to check how they have courses from a basic level to some more advanced ones about crypto security or trading strategies. 

At the end of the training in any of its courses, the student is given a blockchain certification, which verifies that he has always attended the training. 

The services are multiple and varied, all aimed at solving needs for the general public and you can check their prices in their Market Place (link here)

But this is not all, since Criptoro has a career plan with which the user receives a commission or financial reward when acquiring products on its platform, with a referral system of up to 10 levels. In other words, the possibilities of converting this tool into a stable source of income are very real. Registration is completely free here

All this integral platform, is articulated through its token ERC-20 Criptoro Coin (CTRO) that is defined by the Spanish regulator CNMV (National Commission of the Stock Market) as a utility token. Each product, each service can be paid for with this token, obtaining the extra benefit of a discount on the marked price of at least 5%. That is, you can buy at a discount and at the same time commission the purchase. 

The launch of the CTRO token will culminate on January 11. The process of participating in the ICO is very simple, just follow the instructions provided after registering in the mentioned career plan, in which you also get 10 CTRO thanks to its airdrop

January 2021 is the date that the company’s management sets for the launch of a new series of products aimed at the end user, which promise to be totally revolutionary in the field of protection and transmission of heritage in bitcoins. To find out more about these new products, as well as download their White Paper, we recommend visiting the ICO website:


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