CoinNewsExtra Launches CNETv: The First Tokenized Watch-2-Earn 24/7 Live Broadcasting TV App for Blockchain, crypto, Ai and Fintech ecosystem

Africa’s Largest Blockchain Media Platform Introduces Innovative TV App to Revolutionize User Engagement

[Lagos, Nigeria. 28th June 2023] – CoinNewsExtra, Africa’s leading blockchain, cryptocurrency, Fintech, and AI media platform, is excited to announce the launch of CNETv, the first tokenized watch-2-earn 24/7 live broadcasting TV app. This groundbreaking development aims to redefine the way users interact with media platforms by rewarding their engagement with ads, videos, and live broadcasts within the app. Built on the Near protocol Blockchain, CNETv is set to become a trailblazer in the industry, leveraging the power of blockchain technology to provide a secure and transparent environment for users.


CoinNewsExtra CEO, Lee Ucheoma Ohaeri, expressed his enthusiasm about the launch, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce this remarkable innovation, originating from Africa. With the launch of CNETv, we are dedicated to rewarding our valued users for their contributions to our media platform. We firmly believe that users should be duly recognized and incentivized for their engagement. Furthermore, CoinNewsExtra TV is here to share the story of Africa in the emerging tech ecosystem, as it should be—narrated and shared by Africans with the world.”


CNETv harnesses the power of the Near protocol Blockchain, utilizing its exceptional processing speed, low gas fees, and interoperability to create an unparalleled user experience. By integrating blockchain technology, CoinNewsExtraTv sets a new industry standard and demonstrates the immense potential of decentralized systems in media platforms.

The CoinNewsExtraTv App (CNETv) offers an array of exciting features designed to enhance user engagement and experience. Some noteworthy features include:

Digital Wallet: Users can securely store and manage their tokenized rewards through the CNETv app’s digital wallet.

Live TV Streaming: CNETv provides 24/7 live TV streaming, ensuring users stay informed about events, news, and the latest developments in the emerging tech ecosystem.

Daily Rewards: Users are rewarded on a daily basis for their interactions with ads, videos, live broadcasts, and daily task, creating an engaging and incentivized media experience.

Social Media Follow Rewards: CNETv enthusiastically encourages users to connect with CoinNewsExtra Tv on various social media platforms to stay constantly updated. As an expression of our gratitude for their support, we offer rewards to those who choose to follow us on social media directly from the CNETv App.

Educational Content: The app offers educational content on blockchain, Fintech, cryptocurrency, and AI, empowering users to expand their knowledge in these emerging fields.


CoinNewsExtraTv strives to lead the way in interactive media, delivering relevant information, news and content right at users’ fingertips.

With the launch of CNETv, CoinNewsExtra takes a pioneering step in media platforms by integrating blockchain technology and introducing a tokenized watch-2-earn model. By rewarding users for their engagement, CoinNewsExtraTv creates an interactive and mutually beneficial ecosystem. As the first TV app and media platform built on the blockchain network in Africa and the world, CoinNewsExtraTv sets an industry precedent and reinforces Africa’s role in shaping the emerging tech ecosystem. Experience the next generation of interactive media with CNETv.

Presently, users can access and download the CNETv App from the Google Play Store. The iOS version will soon be available to cater to Apple users.

 To experience the next generation of interactive media, download the CNETv App today by visiting or following this link:


About CoinNewsExtra

CoinNewsExtra is Africa’s largest blockchain, cryptocurrency, Fintech, and AI media platform. With a mission to share Africa’s story in the emerging tech ecosystem to the world, CoinNewsExtra provides timely and relevant news, insights, and educational content to empower individuals, governments and businesses in the region. CoinNewsExtraTv is the latest addition to the CoinNewsExtra portfolio, aiming to revolutionize user engagement


For media inquiries or more information, please contact:

Mr Elite

Chief Media Officer

[email protected]

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