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CoinNewsExtra interview: Ian Balina and Token Metrics Footprint

The blockchain industry in Africa has taken a huge boost since 2017 and an individual that has broken bounds and made strides in this tech space in Africa, Ian Balina a serial entrepreneur and investor broke in to the industry a few years ago as a full time investor after working for the second largest company in the world IBM where he was a top employee being a member of the IBM Hundred Percent Club after achieving over a 100% of his million dollar sales quota.

From a family of six he was born in Kampala, Uganda and immigrated to the United States where he went through his high school and university at the George Washington University.

Bagging a Bachelors and Masters in Computer Engineering, Ian went on as a software developer working independently then he went on to consult for Deloitte on IT, afterward joining IBM in promoting the IBM Cloud and big data analytics portfolio in North America.

Four years after leaving IBM he surged fully into cryptocurrencies and building three billion dollar businesses. The ground breaking feature and achievement of Ian has attracted the attention and being featured on the wall street journal, Forbes, CNBC, Huffington Post, The Street and Entrepreneur magazine. Being an Analyst Evangelist, he utilizes a data driven” money ball” approach to investing in blockchain startups named “Token Metrics”
In this period of emerging blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies a lot of non reliable and dodgy cryptocurrencies have emerged and have seen investors lose their funds.

There arises a need for well scrutinized and thought out analysis of cryptocurrencies as viable investment information for investors. Token metrics provides quantitative and qualitative data points from diverse sources whereby creating holistic evaluations on the profitability potential of a particular cryptocurrency.

Effective systems are created and developed by top analyst, developers, and traders from various firms cutting across Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and IBM. Deep machine learning for artificial intelligence has been deployed also with lots of data utilized to enhance profits. All these in it have given investors in the crypto space a sense of security and little more credibility on their investments.

According to tokenmetrics website


We want to introduce you to the cutting-edge crypto analytics platform we spent millions and two years of our life creating.

Now, those millions didn’t just come out of nowhere. We made it by investing in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

In fact, we became very well known for it.

But we became even more well known for giving away our entire investment strategy in a spreadsheet for free.

You see, we don’t believe access to life-changing investment platforms should be restricted. We believe in changing the status quo. We are also a firm believer in the success of cryptocurrencies.


In an interview with CoinNewsExtra, the CEO of tokenmetrics Ian Balina explained what token metrics is all about and their new model. He also talked about the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Ian also said that his company will be willing to invest in any good blockchain business in Africa.

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