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CoinKeeper Extends Its Partnership Arm To CoinNewsExtra

CoinKeeper Extends Its Partnership Arm To CoinNewsExtra

CoinKeeper extends its partnership arm to CoinNewsExtra as its media partnership news platform.

CoinKeeper is the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange for all cryptocurrencies. It uses cutting edge technology to increase the demand for cryptocurrencies worldwide. It focuses on minimizing the time of the transaction while
maintaining a high level of security.

CoinNewsExtra team recently entered into an agreement with renowned global cryptocurrency exchange CoinKeeper and is set to be the source of information to the followers, clients and customers of CoinKeeper in Africa and beyond. is the fastest growing Cryptocurrency, Fintech and Blockchain media platform based in Nigeria, West Africa, covering news across Africa and the World at large with lots of audience making the platform a source of information.

CoinNewsExtra mission is to deliver accurate and recent events in the blockchain and cryptocurrency circle to the world while spreading the good news about the 4IR in Africa and the World at large by making information available at a fingertip to its audience.

This media partnership is set to go a long way as CoinKeeper aims to use the news platform to reach out to its clients through CoinNewsExtra resources while maintaining its presence in Africa and beyond.

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