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Coinkeeper AMAseries Announces AMA14 With Raoul Milhado CEO ...

Coinkeeper AMAseries Announces AMA14 With Raoul Milhado CEO Of Elitium

Coinkeeper AMAseries Announces #AMA14 With Raoul Milhado, CEO Of Elitium

The Ama has been scheduled to hold at CoinKeeper World Telegram Channel by 4 PM SGT, 11 May 2020.

AMA series was developed out of passion and birthed to bridge the gap between users and each project owner. It allows users from the community to ask relevant questions relating to a project thereby satisfying their curiosities.

AMA14 has been planned with a lot of Educative and interactive packages.

Every participant stands a chance of Winning $100 USDT. To qualify for this gift, you need to submit questions before 11 May, 8 am GMT and participate in the program.

To participate, you need to join AMAseries Channel & Group and  Elitium Group & Channel. You can also drop Questions Using #AskElitium in AMAseries group.

About Elitium
Elitium is much more than a cryptocurrency or blockchain company but a builder for the future of luxury.

Their grand vision stems from modest beginnings: a crypto-payments solution developed at digital yacht charter platform Boatsters to the innovation that let clients rent a superyacht using any one of 55 cryptocurrencies with ease to use staking program in the industry.

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