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Coinbase Custody investigates new coins for potential listin...

Coinbase Custody investigates new coins for potential listing

Coinbase Custody has revealed plans to add support for more digital assets over the coming months. As a trusted and innovative service, Coinbase Custody will be strict about the requirements that crypto assets need to meet in order to be supported.

Coinbase is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the US, and its custody service, Coinbase Custody, is easily one of the biggest and most trusted cryptocurrency custodians in the world. The service has been around for a long time now, and it has always focused on providing secure storage solutions for individuals and institutions alike.

As most are aware, the crypto industry continues to constantly change and shift. Coins come to the spotlight and receive huge attention from the public. But, as the industry continues to evolve and change, new coins keep replacing them.

Coinbase Custody managed to keep following these trends, which allowed it to stay in the lead when it comes to providing features like staking, governance, and even DeFi.

This is also why its recent announcement revealed that the exchange plans to explore a variety of new cryptocurrencies, assess them, and list those that meet all the necessary requirements.

Another aim that the service has is to explore new ways to serve more institutional clients in the Asia-Pacific region.

The service also reminds users that there is no guarantee that any of the assets will eventually be added, although there is a possibility that one or more will pass its tests, and be officially supported.

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Lastly, the exchange noted that users should expect future announcements regarding the listings, as it continues to explore the addition of these and other coins.

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