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Chinese Hospital Official Raise ‘Privacy” Doubts Over Use of Blockchain

As per a local report, the First Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University might be able to launch an Internet and blockchain-enabled hospital in the coming months. However, some officials are raising concerns around the technology.

Here’s How the Hospital Private Blockchain Works

“Our hospital started to build an Internet hospital last year and will be basically completed by the end of this year. The trial operation will begin at the end of January this year,” said Yu Dandan, the deputy director of the Information Department of the First Hospital of the University of Medicine, told the health community that on September 17.

In addition to the intermediate review and licensing, the first attempt to apply blockchain technology to the Internet hospital system in Northeast China, “thereby making some innovations”, is also an important reason for the delay of Internet hospitals, he added.

When a patient accesses Internet hospital services through the WeChat application, the “chain” starts. On-chain means that the user’s data has been recorded on the blockchain node. Once “on the chain”, the uniqueness of the information is confirmed and it becomes untameable.

However, from the perspective of usage, this is no different from using other Internet services, and users cannot perceive the blockchain technology behind it.

“To put it simply, the blockchain belongs to the back-end part and is a data security technology for hospitals. Patients will not feel any inconvenience in the Internet hospital visits.” Director Niu of the Information Department of the First Hospital of Dayi explained.

Blockchain Doubters

But precisely because “users can’t feel it”, there were many discussions inside the hospital around “using or not blockchain”, and there were many doubters.

There are two main points of doubt. First, as a new technology in the medical field, most people do not know what help it can bring to the medical work of hospitals; second, the patient has no feeling during use, and the application effect is difficult to evaluate.

Director Niu said that at that time, the hospital attached great importance to the construction and application of Internet hospitals. As a leading hospital in the region, any decision-making was very cautious, and of course, the application effect of new technologies The requirements are also very strict.

Meanwhile, not everyone is a naysayer. Vice President Xia Yunlong, hopes to explore the application of artificial intelligence, blockchain, and other technologies to lay a good foundation for the future development of smart hospital basis.

He added:

“So, with the support of the leadership of the Academy, the Ministry of Information decided to explore the application of blockchain from the perspective of data security, and also pointed out the direction of development for the technical staff.” 

Niu noted that the main application of blockchain technology remained that of ensuring the verifiability of critical data, as well as secure data storage, transmission, and access.

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