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Anonymous Creates Monument In Memorial of China’s Coronavirus Whistleblower.

Dr. Li Wenhang, popularly regarded as a hero in China before his demise is now memorialized on Ethereum. His demise took place at the early hours of Friday morning in local time. He was killed by a virus, the very same virus he whistle-blew.

Although nothing he said was incorrect, he was detained by local police for spreading news about the virus. This action of Wuhan’s government has led China into fury and anger after Li’s eventual demise of the same coronavirus.


Lots of hastag trended after Wuhan hospital where he worked announced his death. China say that the Wuhan government owes Dr. Li an apology. Unfortunately, this apology would not make much sense now upon his demise.

However, someone created a smart contract on ethereum at the early hours of Friday. The contract has smart codes in the shape of a monument in memorial of Dr. Li. Reports have it that the source codes wrote down the biography of Dr. Li in Chinese and has a highlighted “R.I.P”. The source codes also wrote down his contributions as a medical expert to alerting others of the danger of the virus.

Not supported by China social media is the restriction of the hastag #Wuhan government owes an apology to Dr. Li on Weibo. Weibo is China’s twitter like platform on which the people poured out their fury following Li’s death. Every effort to search for that hastag will produce very futile results.

Dr. Li was detained in December for his noble and heroic act which was misunderstood by the Wuhan’s goverment. He and seven other persons were the pioneers of the early warnings in China over the coronavirus. Their warnings went out first on WeChat and then to their fellow medical practioners as regards the deadlines of the virus.

Although Li was shut up and taken captive by the police, he contracted the disease in the proess of treating a patient. The people of China hold Dr. Li Wenhang in high reputation and goodwill. Sinve his death, one hastag that trended on Weibo was -#We want freedom of speech and got billions of views.

The creation of the smart contract in this time when Chinese netizens are expressing so much blue and sadness on China social media is highly recognized.

Quite strange is the manner in which the news of Dr. Li dropped on the trending topic list of Weibo. Following Li’s death, the news was at the topspot but dropped to 7th position whithin minutes.

Even more sadly, it is no longer anywhere on Weibo’s real time trending topic list.

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