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Chekkit Technologies at the CcHUB’s Innovation Showcase Week 2020

Chekkit Technologies, a product authentication startup, was at the CcHUB’s Innovation Showcase Week 2020. CoinNewsExtra interviewed their team on how their services are rendered, how far they’ve come and where they intend to be in a few years.

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What is Chekkit Technologies?

Chekkit is a blockchain powered anti-counterfeiting, real-time supply chain tracking and customer experience analytics platform. It leverages a combination of existing technologies like Mobile Authentication Scheme (MAS), artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain to solve the challenges of – counterfeits, pilferage, switching of goods and inefficient supply chain.

Founded at Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology, (MEST) in 2018 by Dare Odumade and Jida Asare with Adebola Oyenuga and Tosin Adelowo later joining the team as co-founders; Chekkit Technologies provides a tamper-proof unique ID label (either as QR codes or numeric codes) to be placed on premium packaged food and beverage products.

With these ID labels, all supply chain activities can be tracked and traced by manufacturers

Chekkit’s Solution

Nigeria, the biggest economy in Africa with over 200 million people living in it, the impact of counterfeit products is massive, most especially to the about 180 million people still living in poverty. It is currently estimated that 40% of the goods in the market are counterfeits/substandard goods which have many at times lead to loss of life in extreme cases.


Beyond anti-counterfeiting and supply chain tracking, the startup also provides business owners with customer experience/feedback analytics. With its mobile app, the numeric codes on labels are authenticated via USSD at point of sale by customers.

The app also generates invoice for businesses. This reduces the workload and work time for businesses as all supply chain activities can be tracked and traced on a dashboard in real time.

Powered by an Ethereum blockchain network, events captured and logged on to the app are encrypted to ensure data integrity. Users can scan their blockchain-powered codes unique to every product to view the history and journey of that product

Chekkit demo

Their Mission

Chekkit aims to greatly improve the lives of the 180 million people who will have access to good drugs and consumables as a result of our work and also protect the thousands of local manufacturers so that their products stop getting ripped off.

to provide real-time product authentication, consumer engagement and supply chain tracking services to producers of high quality human friendly products and ensure product integrity always.

Chekkit believes that one day, its labels will be the seal of genuity for every great product, ensuring people know the story of every product they consume.

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