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GESAL at the Innovation Showcase Week 2020

GESAL at the CcHUB’s Innovation Showcase Week

In the just concluded CcHUB’s Innovation Showcase Week 2020, GESAL, an education-oriented organization, aimed at raising to standard the education system in Nigeria and Sub-Sahara Africa, made an exhibition at the Showcase Week. CoinNewsExtra interviewed the start-up at the conference.

CcHUBS Innovation Showcase Week

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An exclusive exhibit of innovative solutions built by portfolio startups at NG_HUB from Facebook and CcHUB ( CcHUB’s Innovation Showcase Week)

The GESAL Initiative

GESAL is a start-up that aims at implementing the “Apollo-11” mission of AR tech in African education. GESAL is a mobile app that create interactive and hands-on experience for students to understand their practical-based subjects.

GESAL at the Innovation Showcase Week 2020

As a believer in the development of the African child through education, GESAL believes in the role technology will play in the lives of African children through Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality in African Education

Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information, sometimes across multiple sensory modalities, including visual, auditory, haptic, somatosensory and olfactory.

It can create a distinctive immersive hybrid environment for learning, which combines virtual and real objects.

Augmented Reality is a technology that has three key features:

(a) combining of real and virtual objects in real environment

(b) aligning of real and virtual objects with each other

(c) offering real-time interaction; according to a popular definition.

AR is useful in quite a number of fields, the educational sector is even one, that could be greatly blessed with the incorporation of it. With its booming emergence, AR has been applied to solve problems at different layers.

Visualization is a key concept in education, which is marginally lagging in the African setting due to conserved exposure, retarded development, and equally importantly – inability of the present African education resources to speak to the core of students’ understanding.

How can AR help?

AR can be built in mobile applications, in very understandable and user-friendly manner. This helps students to connect to real life issues the more, through enhanced visualization.

The concept of motivation is one we can’t put aside, especially within the African landscape, where many young people do not have enough motivation to further the course of their schooling, owing to their inability to grasp what is taught in class.

Augmented Reality motivates them to think more of school and activities surrounding it, through creating a special feeling that is connected to their presence in school.

Leveraging Technology in Africa

An average young person is well connected to his mobiles; this translates to how their desire to be in school is intensified because learning has been incorporated in mobile devices, of which they attain more connection and they become more important part of the teaching process. Such feeling motivates them to participate more in class activities.

AR also helps teachers explain concepts better. Some sciences are perceived as fictions due to inability to connect through enhanced visualization. Imagine a device that makes it appear like you are inside a human body, while in an anatomy class — it helps to experience phenomena that seem impossible in the real world.

GESAL believes in the total reformation of the African child through visualization; according to their website, high Retention rates, working offline, interactive and hands-on-experience, is a milestone they have set to make a difference in Nigeria and African as a whole.

Interactive and hands-on-experience

Students can visualize complicated diagrams from their textbooks in 3d. Deploy laboratory tools and even perform some selected experiments

Works Offline

An offline learning app designed for Africa’s internet accessibility. Teachers and students can gain maximum value even without internet

Designed for k12 education

GESAL is specifically for secondary schools in Nigeria and other African countries where they can utilize GESAL’s teaching resources for practical related subjects.

High Retention rates

Experiental learning helps to increase students’ learning performance thereby increasing knowledge retention. Our mobile application presents the best engagement tools for students and teachers

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