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ccFound’s Piotr Michalak lights up placement meet of CIBS students in Ladakh, India

Ladakh, India: Students of the Central Institute of Buddhist Studies (CIBS) in Ladakh, India, harped out a cry of joy when Piotr Michalak, the founder of ccFound, began addressing them on April 2, 2021. In a Career Fair and discussion organized by the placement cell of the institute, Piotr was the highly awaited main speaker, well supported by Dilip Kumar Patairya, an eminent content expert. The students were looking ahead to hear the views of the two experts and figure out how they could make a career in content.

Speaking about how technology was fast-changing, Piotr Michalak stated, “If you thought Google was the zenith of the content revolution, you’re mistaken. Blockchain has entered the world of information and taken it to a totally different pedestal. With the current search engines, you’re seldom sure of the authenticity of the information. Moreover, it often happens that the links collated by the search engine have irrelevant or similar information. Despite putting in plenty of time, you fail to get proper answers to your queries.”

Students were amazed to learn how state-of-the-art blockchain-based technology would help create an ecosystem where anyone will not only be able to ask questions and get answers right away from proven experts but rate them as well. Experts will be able to price their answers and give customized answers for the questions asked. The quality of questions and answers is set to increase, thanks to the innovation. Blockchain will help create a situation that will be transparent for all the parties concerned, whether it is the experts or those who have asked the queries.

In his long address, Piotr kept the audiences hooked. When it was a common notion that search engine technology had grown to the top, Piotr revealed how plenty of distance was yet to be covered. Blockchain has successfully transformed several domains, and it was only plausible that it’ll influence the domain of information as well.

Dilip Kumar Patairya, who spoke second, shared his evolution as a writer and advised students how to carve out a bright career in content. He clarified that content wasn’t just limited to text and all forms to express oneself – video, audio, multimedia – came under the purview of content. The event was efficiently hosted by Dr Rahul Mishra and Dr Thinley Gyurmet, both working with the placement cell of the CIBS.

 About ccFound


ccFound is a blockchain-based project that provides information most naturally to humans – questions and answers. Considering the immense potential of the concept, the project is expected to take the information revolution to unprecedented heights. Though conceptually a social platform, ccFound will not be like the current ones. Rather, it will help the common people invest in knowledge and get paid. On the other hand, it will help the seekers of knowledge customized replies to the questions they asked.

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