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Cardano, Mccann Set to Launch New Marketing and Branding Idea for Wider Audience

Cardano, in partnership with the world’s popular advertising and marketing agent McCann, is taking its brand idea to a new and intriguing level to be able to reach a wider audience.

After signing an agreement with McCann in 2019 to realign its branding approach with the mission of the company, the CEO of Input and Output HK, Charles Hoskinson, yesterday stated that it was excited to launch its new marketing and branding idea to the world.

Hoskinson on April 4 revealed that McCann did an exhibition of the new marketing and branding idea to the company.

CEO Hoskinson said the presentation was wonderful and he was really impressed by the idea.

“Excited to bring the ideas to market soon,” Hoskinson said.

The revelation denotes the progress of Cardano and McCann’s partnership. Cardano aims at using the new branding and marketing idea to better show its purpose to the world.

In a video update, Hoskinson also noted that the blockchain company hopes to launch the rebranding idea with Shelley Mainnet. He added that a specialized team is working on rebuilding the website, a significant part of the relaunch.

Aside from the unique solution offered by Cardano blockchain technology, the firm is working fervently with McCann on brand recognition to step up its global awareness and adoption.

In a statement, the global PR, communications and marketing director of Cardano Foundation, Bakyt Azimkanov, recognized the benefit of branding.

“Brand plays a key role in Cardano’s adoption as more organizations set to integrate the world’s first third-generation blockchain into their operations”.


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