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Canadian Rapper Who Bought Eminem’s NFT for $100K As Transformed It Into 7M Views

Canadian rapper Tom McDonald made a huge move by buying the top-billed NFT item at Eminem’s first NFT drop. The particular NFT he purchased contained a beat produced by Eminem himself.

The sale of the Eminem NFT took place on the Nifty Gateway platform and was made up of 50 editions of “TOOLS OF THE TRADE” and “STILL D.G.A.F.” at a price of $5,000, both of which were sold out almost instantly. The last NFT is a limited edition single copy called “STAN’S REVENGE” which McDonald bought for a $100.

In this video interview, McDonald tells the story of how his girlfriend bought one of the card-like collectibles and told him about the auction. While working out, he had the idea that this was an opportunity to make a song with Eminem’s instrumental. Without hesitation, McDonald outbid everyone and bought the NFT.

The Canadian rapper recreated Eminem’s Stan video with the “Stan’s Revenge” instrumental. In Eminem video, a deranged fan named Stan sends the rapper letter after letter, until he blows a fuse and commits a heinous act.

In McDonald’s own video, he recreated Stan’s room, bought the same Montecarlo that Stan drove, and sang underwater. About the car, he said,

“Bought it from a junk yard, sanded/painted it. Got seaweed from the beach & covered the exterior. Filled it with water so its constantly leaking…like it was pulled from the bottom of the river where Stan left it.”

The track and the video are running wild, it was trending in YouTube’s music category for a while with over 7 million views. The idea of it being a recreation of Eminem’s Stan, drove lots of new listeners to his YouTube channel.

It is worthy to note that Tom McDonald is not just starting out music.  He has eight albums under his belt and some of his videos have more than 10 million views.


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