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Business investment in Africa: Mirabell Mayack of African Investment Day, explains!

We have been exposed to the different Blockchain opportunities in our previous interviews. With the enormous opportunities, do you think that the less developed continent – Africa is the best place to invest?

In an interview with , Mirabell Mayack – the executive project manager at African Investment Day – explained how investors have been exploring the continent through their organisation.



How easy is it to invest in Africa?

Miss Mayack in response said:

“Investing in Africa for someone from Germany is very hard due to the fact that it is hard to access and unknown territory, for someone in UK it is slightly different. It depends on the mind-set of the person. If you are talking to an investor with investment mentality, it is quite easy. If you are talking about intra African investment, it is a bit easier to sell but it is bit harder to find German investors that will invest in Africa.”

Investing in Africa like in other continents is very tricky and it needs a lot of information. As an investor you do need to acquire lots of information and collaborate with experts which is rare to find. You need someone that understands what you are doing; someone with the same mindset.

“… that is why it is important to get people that are working on the ground to speak to the German private investment sector to explain to the German investors how Africa works,” Mirabell added. “Investment in Africa is beautiful it offers a lot of virgin markets, opportunity but it is something that can be challenging to execute”

Africa is stigmatized by risk, lack of communication, information and trust. A trust intermediate is needed in this case.

A brilliant example of that intermediate is the African Investment Day.

African Investment Day

The African Investment Day brings together African CEO’s, African political, social leaders and African entrepreneurs with the German private investment sector to share ideas, network on potential trade and investment opportunities on the African continent and start trade deals.

They are the intermediate between the German private investor and the investment project. They are in charge of persuading investors to invest in francophone Africa.

There is a lot to learn from the African Investment Day, how investors invest in Africa and how we one can follow suit.


Mirabell highlighted ways in which the African Investment Day has encouraged investment into francophone Africa.  She said:

– We secured almost 1m$ investment into our own company.

– We have achieved communication campaigns, secured customers and with only African panel lead panels we have become the number one platform for francophone African investment

–  In addition to woo the German investors, we have however generated commercial leads as well from American companies and some anglophone African companies looking to set food into francophone Africa – Made in Germany is a good label to have on your sales slogan.

 -We have become a sharp competition to the usual organisations that investors would go to. 

-We have done a lot of work on the continent and are establishing offices in francophone countries to intensify our enormous network of collaborators

Blockchain Investment plans

Mirabell said:

“We are not investors; we have created the platform and we intelligently bring together these two groups – investors and investees. We bring together people that have the funds with projects that generate ROI from Africa paired with experts that give you a real on the ground expertise. We work with silicon mountain in Cameroun an equivalent to the American Silicon Valley concerning all our African tech research. Currently, there are no specific legislations or regulatory frameworks with regard to the use of Blockchain technologies in Germany. However, European data protection rules are likely to apply to many blockchain-based transactions. As Philipp Sandner explained: “In other words, the government is moving forward whereas hundreds of medium- or large-sized world-class “hidden champions” that produce high quality machinery, sensors and automotive devices do not have blockchain on their agenda yet. Of course, there are some exceptions such as Bosch, Daimler, Innogy, Commerzbank, Deutsche Börse, SAP, Deutsche Telekom etc. These very large corporations do explore blockchain technology. But the lions’ share of German companies (i.e, the “Mittelstand” including hundreds of hidden champions) is not doing this yet.”

As usual we will be step ahead and will incorporate that into our African panel discussion at the conference  and make it something they have to explore.”

COVID-19 effect

Mirabell said that it is affecting all industries. “However, for us this is a great period because more than ever German investors need to build and need to rely on very safe intermediates. At this moment they rely on us. It is a great period to invest and our sales have increased by 70% since beginning of the crisis” said Mirabell.


The problem with investment by Germans into Africa is they build on expats. Talk to the experts and communicate with people on the ground; people with experience and trustworthy intermediates.

Click to watch the full interview video

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