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Blockstream Chief Strategy Officer Regulators Forewarns about the Inimical Approach to BTC

The Blockstream Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), Samson Mow has warned that the animosity to Bitcoin from the worldwide regulators has the potential to adversely affect the authorities and cryptocurrency, if they lose their control.

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Whilst attending a panel at a Liquid meetup at the Litecoin Summit on October 29th, Mow made a significant prediction in that the regulatory restrictions to the leading cryptocurrency could have both good and bad consequences for the lawmakers themselves.

The event is a part of the conference which is hosted by the Bitcoin technology company Blockstream and the BTSE platform in Las Vegas, Nevada. The global marketing director at BTSE, Lina Seiche shared the news on October 31st.

Mow pointed out that the leading cryptocurrency really fixes a lot of problems in the current financial market. A good example is inflation. He went onto predict that international jurisdictions will eventually have to accept it because of the variety of benefits the cryptocurrency holds.

Mow went on to urge that excessive hostility can lead to unfortunate consequences if regulators’ power is undermined by this borderless technology.

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