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Blockchain Voting Will Determine Vladimir Putin’s Presidenti...

Blockchain Voting Will Determine Vladimir Putin’s Presidential Fate

Russia’s upcoming e-voting on the Constitutional amendments will be implemented using blockchain technology.

Moscow citizens will be able to cast their votes on Vladimir Putin’s Constitutional amendments online via blockchain-powered e-voting.

As announced on the Moscow government’s official website, Moscow voters can sign up for the upcoming e-voting starting from June 5.

Scheduled to take place from June 25 to June 30, the e-voting will be implementing blockchain technology to “ensure security and transparency.”

As officially announced, blockchain will help to anonymize and encrypt each vote to provide safety and immutability of data.

As a blockchain network “does not have a single server,” the chain is “almost impossible to hack,” the official announcement says.

In the announcement, the Moscow government did not specify what kind of blockchain technology exactly is going to be deployed during the vote.

The authority also did not mention any company assisting in implementing the technology for the voting process.
During the vote, Russian citizens will choose whether they support the Constitutional amendments.

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