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Blockchain and the decentralized world – A new era of computer has started

Normally DLT systems used for decentralized financing, serving exchanges and of course always good if people want to sell a product over a world philosophy. A slogan says, “Sex sells” and for the nerds in this world and the dreamer of a computer systematic who is bringing value and wealthy from millions of investors the slogan “Blockchain and AI” sales.

There is no other business who wiped out and gained so much money then the FinTech

and Blockchain world running for new kings and empires. But that sounds shady, so start-ups run for unicorn status. Moneymakers have always known how to sell a dream and expectation rather than a finished product. And this led the world controlled not by new inventions, but by old business models presented with new speech.

Since the 1990’s it was clear to see that data will sooner or later not any longer stored on computers. Why? There are great inventions of mass data storing tools, but people create more and more data and do not invest in own storage possibilities and sharing tools.

A study forecast big players will rule the new world because they will store all knowledge and company information. As you have read 85% of accounts from Microsoft Office 365 has been compromised. That means not only emails and passwords, the whole thing. Names, Addresses, Credit Card details, products usage and more.

In this example we can see how centralized we are even if we think everything is decentralized. Do you ever try to imagine, what happen when big data centers will be compromised or only face a shut down?

In this case forget everything you heard about security in Blockchains. Except Bitcoin (which has a widely independently network in the hands of millions of users and every computer of these can restore the data independently from any central authority) every Distributed Ledger System and Blockchain system runs on server which are hosted by the Giants running data centers.

Means your whole “blockchain dream” is over in seconds!

The computer who will change everything! (The promise)

Let’s talk about Domenic Williams. The English weatherman comes with a storm, when he announced in 2015 the world of giants will come to an end, and he has a disruptive complex ID based on the IPC protocol to build the first “Internet Blockchain Computer” – I call it here IBC. And while IBC is not far away from IBM one of the chief technology operators is a former IBM worker. Talking about this computer is backed up on decades of knowledge. The founder himself is coming from the golden age when Internet began to rule the world.

In 5 or 10 years no one will talk any longer about the giants, he promises, because his computer will take over the pole position how people must think about information’s and freedom of speech in the future. If you want to believe, he is really focused on privacy. The first applications running on this computer is a Facebook competitor named “Capsule” and the Tik Tok competitor “CanCan”. His first addresses show he want to win the disappointed social media users back into new concepts with more reliable information and protection against censorship.

That’s the reason why IBC is running on a Blockchain and offers token. There are two ways to exchange data. Consoles, PC, Laptops, Cellular and other electronical equipment can exchange data and give a functionality as a server. But these servers most related to cloud servers from the big players today.

With the IPC protocol the software is no longer an addressable thing. The software will be shared in pieces over thousands of computers and use the storage from them.

But how will you make people accept, one part of their computers, will be locked in encrypted data.

Well IPC created more than 469 million tokens in a worth of 70 billion dollars. The idea is simple everyone willed to lend storage to the network and become part of this huge network will be rewarded with tokens. On the other hand, the computer itself is the biggest supporter because every buyer will automatically be connected and a part of this storage sharing.

With the implementation of a decentralized identification network the system will secure identities and protect customers privacy. The credentials stored at user side. And the user will give access. You do not need to upload your password again and again, once you have confirmed the system just recheck from other sources and maybe a question only you can answer if you real or not. Your last doctor visit or your last shown up at the post office all these could update your id status. Every time you log in only a question comes. In simple terms “Where have you been yesterday around 12”. For sure this is an example you can make the questions more complex.

Is this the answer to a world living in danger? Does he create the killer machine for any kind of centralization? Or do we have to fear this system will become as big as a big brother? Because this machine sooner or later knows anything about you, your friends, your business, and your entire life.

People still believe DLT systems are secure. From a point of higher security, they are right. But from a technology point not. Yes, it is hard to compromise a consensus system recording everything in a big ledger. But as hacks in the DeFi world and on ETH have shown, it is not impossible like in Bitcoin. IPC is the way of storage you can prevent people accessing the data from a hardware drive The Internet Computer Protocol IPC creates a new standard for moving data free through devices like Internet Of Things transport information free from machine to machine. One day IPC could become the data storage system for IOT devices. Nearby systems can get the data and IoT combined with AI will select that information send via Blockchain to the right recipients.

If Dfinity, so the name of the computer will become that breakthrough expected and the reason why Andreesen Horowitz invested, and hedge fonds invested $102 million in this project it is a new big player.

But as all big player sooner or later they will become the new centralized point the more people use the system.


Written by : Prof. (Dr.) h. c. Joerg Molt


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