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Bitfxt Exchange Lists XChangeRate’s Native Token

Bitfxt Exchange Lists XChangeRate’s Native Token

Bitfxt exchange lists XRRT, the native token for and this means that you can now buy and sell XRRT with the Nigerian Naira and bitcoin at

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XChangeRate is a suite of artificial intelligence robots and data analytic engines that relieves people from typical human impediments to consistent profitable day trading such as, emotional interference, need for sleep in a 24/7 market, huge amounts of market data to be analysed for intelligent decisions, inability to catch opportunities on multiple exchanges at the same time, knowing when to enter and exit a market, to mention but a few weaknesses.

It frees new traders from the complexities of reading charts (technical analysis) and lowers the entry barrier to trading which can happen just at the click of a button without fuss.

The system is mostly powered by XChangeRate token (XRRT). Subscribers are required to have certain amounts of XRRT in their ERC20 compatible wallets to be able to access the platform as well as take markets positions on the exchanges connected to their accounts.

Total Supply: 250,000,000

Circulating Supply: 80,000,000

Top 20 traders with the highest trading volume within the next 1 month will be rewarded with $50 voucher to use xchangerate trading bot! So what are you waiting for???

To buy XRRT with Bitcoin:

To trade XRRT with Naira:

Bitfxt is Africas Premier digital asset exchange where you can easily and seamlessly store, buy and sell any listed digital asset. Bitfxt also innovated the first exchange that issues crypto mastercard. Register now at to learn more or join to join the conversation.

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