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Bitfxt Exchange Announces Coin Listing and UI Launching

Bitfxt, Africa’s premier cryptocurrency exchange announces that they plan on listing some coins on their exchange.

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Bitfxt exchange was designed to be the best and first of its kind. It is the go-to exchange for both the learned and unlearned. It is intuitive and easy to operate. Users can fund their accounts seamlessly and withdraw with easy. It is the cheapest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of fees.

According to a tweet by Bitfxt, “Tokens listed on the the exchange are entitled to a periodic smart drop (via an A.I. which is connected to the exchange) and this means that people who have a particular amount of a certain token during the period of a smart drop gets more BXT exchange coin.”

The aim of the coin listing is to provide ecosystem powered by the best of the best where adoption isn’t just wishful thinking but…a reality.

The exchange also offers customers the simple use of their tokens for online and offline purchase with ease without having too many middle men.

Recently, Bitfxt launched “Africa’s first fully functional cryptocurrency ATM card” that works everywhere in the world.

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