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Bitcoin vs. Gold vs. Standardization


There are three motors in the world of institutional investors Michael Saylor, Elon Musk, and NYDIG. What do all of them have in common? Their balance sheet includes Bitcoin, and they have become an evangelist in Bitcoin. 

NYDIG is near closing a deal with FIS, which is one of the biggest providers of Banking Services in the world. This can implement Bitcoin services to 300 Million US Bank Accounts. Yes, indeed, on the one hand, the US is starting to overregulate Bitcoin – on the other hand, for daily business, the American’s try to do everything, becoming a leading nation in serving with Bitcoin.

Is this a dangerous game? Maybe. Because it makes more sense if Assets are secured in a significant holding in Bitcoins. Economically, this will stabilize the fluctuation of derivates and lower the cost for keeping. Even in the case of losing the physical Asset, the value has been stored on the securest network on earth. So you see DeFi hacks, NFT attacks (the last example destroying an NFT picture).

The subject is a standard creation that stabilizes the economy against corruption and inflation because if all assets have been exchanged in Bitcoins, the value is shareable without risk. Bitcoin Network is an open ledger system that everyone can access and trace his funds. No compliance or dictatorship can move assets out of the Bitcoin Network. You can’t confiscate them. The bank of the people is the safest vault on earth.

And if assets have been saved in this way, the value of Bitcoin is on an accurate high level where we can start to support the problems we got today. The total discount will become that high we can start to work on programs fighting poverty for an instant.

That’s only one step before Asset backed Bitcoins become an exchange item which is countable because the increase of Bitcoins price will be used to raise the value of the existing assets. And it will break up the debt spiral. If assets growing the collateral of this crypto asset has a potential payment factor as a cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin biggest potential:

It is a kind of Asset
It is a kind of money
It is shareable and accessible transferable
It is unconfiscable
It is resistant against economic crises
Everyone can become part of the Bitcoin world. No restrictions
You can treat them as paper money through paper wallets.
11 years of Bitcoin have proved this
Bitcoin is worldwide accessible without restriction.

You can buy a Tesla with Bitcoin and a car insurance
Metromile said this would promote “financial resilience” as cryptocurrency becomes more mainstream and forms a more significant portion of consumers’ assets.

The Swiss arm of insurance giant AXA announced in April that it would be giving customers the option to pay premiums in bitcoin. 

Last but not least, it seems that only old school guys and outdated old daddies believe Bitcoin is a dirty rotten thing. 


Written by : Prof. (Dr.) h. c. Joerg Molt

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