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Bitcoin Suisse: Trading of Precious Metals (Gold, Silver and...

Bitcoin Suisse: Trading of Precious Metals (Gold, Silver and Platinum) with Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Suisse: Trading of precious metals (Gold, Silver and Platinum) with cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Suisse has announced the start of the precious metal trading service, everyday of the week.


In this way it will be possible to exchange gold, silver and platinum in exchange for cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies , without having to physically handle them.

In fact, all precious metals tradable on Bitcoin Suisse are actually physically stored by a trusted banking partner, and purchases are 100% guaranteed by your bank guarantee.

Bitcoin Suisse started cryptocurrency trading seven years ago and with this initiative it expands the choice of tradable assets in order to allow its customers to diversify their portfolios.

Just a few weeks ago trades in fiat currencies were added and the choice to add precious metals also stems from the fact that in this period volatility and uncertainty on the financial markets are high, while precious metals are a very solid asset class, often used as part of long-term investment strategies.

Gold in particular is considered to be the true original “safe haven”, but has always remained an asset that is difficult for many investors to access. In particular, the possibility of combining investments in precious metals with bitcoin, the so-called digital gold and cryptocurrencies is still relatively difficult. Bitcoin Suisse intends to make this much more accessible.


This is why its new metal offer has been opened to any customer, with a very low minimum purchase of only 100 Swiss francs (about $ 103), and no custody fee for those who have a value equal to or greater than 100,000 CHF.

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In addition, trading in precious metals is settled immediately, without the classic one or two day time frame.

The three precious metals can be traded both with BTC and ETH, and in fiat currencies, and in particular with USD, EUR, GBP, CHF and DKK.

“Recent developments have increased the demand for scarce and highly valued resources such as gold and Bitcoin. Bitcoin may not yet be gold 2.0, but in the meantime we want to offer our customers the maximum possible choice. By offering continuous trading of precious metals, we go beyond crypto assets for the first time. It’s an excellent way to move between the two resources with a click. “

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