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Bitcoin Price Rises to $7,900 in Nigeria’s Major Market

Bitcoin Price Rises to $7,900 in Nigeria’s Major Market

Bitcoin seems to be answering the prayer of some crypto analysts who claimed the cryptocurrency will rise up irrespective of the situation of the world financial market. After breaking through the $7,000 resistance point, the leading crypto asset continues to move up steadily.

BTC is above the $7,300 today. Now, a unit of Bitcoin is priced $7,348 at press time having gained 4.32% in the last 24 hours with an equivalent of $453 added. This seems to be the general value for the parallel market.

On a more intriguing perspective, Bitcoin is trading at a higher price in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country. According to BitcoinPriceMap, a unit of Bitcoin in Nigeria’s Major market goes for $7,900, an indication that BTC may see a heavy rise in the coming days.

For people in Nigeria, Bitcoin goes for $7,900 on LUNO, a London-based crypto exchange firm popularly used by Nigerians. On the exchange, Bitcoin’s value has risen by 8.6% in the last 24 hours. In terms of Bitcoin’s value, Nigeria ranks the highest among other world countries in the market today.

Argentina ranks second while Zambia, South Africa and Columbia followed respectively.

As revealed on the platform which illustrates the market price of the leading digital asset across the world, the global market value of the virtual currency is $7,276.
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