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Bitcoin has become mainstream adoption – what next?

The markets’ attention is only one factor. 2 out of 3 investors said they would jump on the bitcoin wagon. I am asking why they said that an essential element from 35,000 Dollars is a good average to leave assets and keep up with shareable value. Diversification is always in a part Bitcoin, and they say this is an opportunity never has seen before.

Asking them if they are afraid of the volatility, they said this is not a question of fear and miss out. It is a question if you work with your money or you want to watch inflation killing value.

Many people these days think regulators will have a crackdown on revenues. However, the Chinese debate is without substance. Bitcoin has the talk about in China since the beginning. Meanwhile, 85% of the Bitcoin business is outside China.

There is no concentration of mining operations. From the beginning of Bitcoin, Chinese people understood mining is not running after a price. It is the creator of the cost. Many people do not know that most of the mining power is protected. For ten years, they never found the facilities to shut down. And they will not. There are hundreds of caves and tunnels. More than 1,000 people work in the most significant facility for a better life with Bitcoin. In seconds they can move the equipment around. The logistics to protect themselves are precisely planned. If you want to visit the facility, you need contacts, and they will blind your eyes during the trip. There are hundreds of emergencies that exist.


There is only one facility on earth that has the same security and independence co-owned by me. High-security standards to save the vision of Satoshi Nakamoto mean protecting the mining against political and economic interests. Getting into mining needs a secure place, more than knowledge about the infrastructure of the equipment. Bitcoin mining in an oversized style provides influence in politics and the economy. Starting to build the most extensive mining facility needs investment capital secured as the mining equipment. Bitcoin is calculable if you got the know-how. It is one of the securest investments going in mining. There is only one Achilles verse: Having the wrong partner in a segment. What happens when people invest without knowledge about the mining economy. I am in for more than ten years now and have seen the beginning until now. If you have a partner with the wrong philosophy, for example, you can’t get out into business following up from the mining earnings. Keep and protect the reason why Bitcoin is here, protect people from government and banking misleading, is like becoming a guard of the holy grail.


Bitcoin, all economists are agreed, is the economy of the future in money and sharing assets. With Taproot technology, Bitcoin will become private and open for decentralized financial systems, which provides privacy and security in a way Ethereum can’t do. It is not about creating the markets. It is about higher adoption. People understand intelligent homes and the internet of things; everything is connected and can exchange information about the user. But no one understands Bitcoin is the right to use your money without having a fear of restrictions. Today a report said about the Fin Cen Files that banks in Germany had laundered in the past five years more than 2 billion dollars. Reason enough to leave the corrupt banking world for a system where you are the critical keeper for your money. By the way, you will solve problems from the generation who were not able to do. Lightning will more and more be adopted because it is cheap and provides near 1 million transactions. Payments are instant and secured by the Bitcoin network itself. The future of money depends on the control of money. You should control your money, no one else. Bitcoin is the right to do.


Written by : Prof. (Dr.) h. c. Joerg Molt


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