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Bison Trails announce support for the Ethereum update, Eth 2...

Bison Trails announce support for the Ethereum update, Eth 2.0 features with launch looming.

“Blockchain firm Bison Trails has come out in support of Ethereum’s next major update, dubbed Eth 2.0.”

The looming update will seek to solve Ethereum’s Blockchain scalability concerns. The Blockchain has, for a long time, been leveraging Proof of Work (PoW) mining algorithm whose infrastructure has been at the root of their network scalability crunches.

Bison Trails, a founding member ofthe Libra Association and recent addition to the Proof of Stake Alliance, will offer a suite of enterprise products, including a fully-featured participation cluster that will grant users access to the Beacon chain.

Joe Lallouz, the firm’s CEO, has stressed the importance of adopting Eth 2.0 in the crypto sphere. He has urged potential Eth 2.0 validators to consider choosing a trustworthy infrastructure provider, denoting that switching validators after launch could be risky since it involves sharing of the private keys. They could risk slashing of their locked up rewards and stake.

Access to information such as staking rewards for Ether by affording their clients a fully indexed Eth2 Beacon chain reporting API. A private and secure API for validator and beacon chain nodes management.

Ethereum 2.0 will switch to the Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm to achieve scalability without necessarily preceding security and decentralization.


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