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Binance Latest Developments Taking Effects In More Than 180 ...

Binance Latest Developments Taking Effects In More Than 180 Countries

Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange, Binance has had the most eventful year. The exchange has been releasing an array of developments over the past few years. Changpeng Zhao has been evidently steering the platform into vaster heights. Just today, the platform released a series of updates.

The Changpeng Zhao led platform revealed that its users across the globe could buy prominent cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin [BTC], Ether [ETH], XRP, Binance Coin [BNB], Binance USD [BUSD] and Tether [USDT] through a Visa debit or credit card.

As the cryptocurrency exchange, Binance is going turn 3 years old, the platform released a series of developments throughout the day.

The exchange allowed the purchase of cryptocurrencies through Visa for more than 180 countries. This was further followed by a few other developments.

The exchange’s latest move is a leap towards supporting more than 180 fiat currencies throughout the world. Regions like the European Economic Area (EEA) Countries, United Kingdom, Russia & Ukraine, Latin America & the Caribbean, and North America already have operations running.

However, the service for the Asia Pacific region will start from 22 June 2020 and the Middle East, as well as African regions, will commence from 23 June 2020.

Binance also revealed its new OTC portal VIP feature, where users will be able to avail a VIP+1 level increase for a period of one month.

However, users who trade on the OTC portal during the promotional period which is from 19 June to 19 July 2020 will be able to utilize this service. This feature will reportedly allow users to enjoy the zero trading fees option with quick settlement options.

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Furthermore, the post highlighted that participants were required to make a minimum of 10,000 USD trade on the OTC portal.

Binance also added support for GBP on the platform. The exchange revealed that trading for BTC/GBP, ETH/GBP, XRP/GBP,BNB/GBP, and GBP/BUSD would commence from 19 June 2020.

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