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Binance Introduces Binance Access to Integrate “Buy Cr...

Binance Introduces Binance Access to Integrate “Buy Crypto” Funtions

Binance, a global blockchain company, today announced Binance Access, a business-to-business (B2B) solution for merchants, vendors and wallets to integrate a ‘buy crypto’ functionality on their platform for existing and new Binance users.

Binance Access is a standard API operated on, which is made available to clients and partners as part of Binance’s Open Platform initiative. Binance users can easily link their accounts to the participating merchant’s platform and Binance Access will automatically allow non-Binance users to create a Binance account after logging in to the merchant’s site.

According to Binance: “by integrating Binance Access, merchants and vendors are able to allow their users to natively buy crypto with fiat directly on their platform through Binance without leaving its interface”.

The firm said that Binance Access is currently customized for businesses operating in the digital asset space, including vendors accepting payments in crypto and crypto wallets, allowing them to expand their offerings and new opportunities to scale in the crypto ecosystem. Merchants and businesses looking to integrate the Binance Access solution must have fiat capability and be fully compliant in the jurisdictions they service to be eligible.

Users can also buy crypto directly from the merchant’s interface using their available fiat balance. While the purchased crypto goes directly into the user’s Binance account to ensure the highest level of security, users can continue to buy crypto on the merchant platform.

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