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Recently BiKi Exchange CEO was interviewed with coinnewsextra, they started in august 2018 and are based in signapore, they have 2 million registered users and 200 000 daily actives users, and they are the first exchange to first give 60% trading fees rebet. Biki exchange today have 2000 community patner in the Chinese market and recently announced a partnership with electroneum.

Ethan analyses regulation from Asia aspect point of view, he said regulation is another form of protection for users which will help them to have more confidence, he went on talking about the banking act in Singapore protecting a lot of users. Regulation help users to be stabilized and get more people to the space, with the upcoming news of CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) it will bring in a lot of major shareholders.

Ethan continued, how they have seen numerous initiative since 2017, we have organizations that are real drivers of education ready to give proper awareness to people. There are a lot of big company like Alibaba that are ready to spend bigger when the CBDC is launched, and their network will actually bring a lot of consumer because they already use this platform. BiKi recently signed a partnership with Winplay (a mini gaming site) as a premium exchanged to make awareness among people.

On BiKi recent partnership with Electroneum, they started talking about proper collaborations and how they can help in the market more, electroneum have really brought a huge success in the African market, and on their recent partnership BiKi have been getting some African users feedback to know more about their product and know more about them.

Crypto currency exchange need their services (which are security and liquidity) to be real and solid to help mass and easy adoption. Exchange should also take brighter and easier approach for mass adoption.  BiKi on their recent partnership with electroneum are trying to extends to African with the help of their community manager which will help them interact with their user and help them become authorized ambassador which they will get paid salary and incentives.

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