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Ballet CEO, Bobby Lee Releases a New Book Explaining Bitcoin Successes

Crypto entrepreneur Bobby Lee recently released a new book discussing Bitcoin, crypto, and predictions about the possible prospects of Bitcoin. The book dubbed ‘The Promise of Bitcoin’ outlines some of the greatest benefits of using crypto, including the rights of consumers and project owners.

History on Currency and Educational Information

This book is created with in-depth educational information on the crypto world and predictions about the expected bitcoin performance. Bobby Lee, just earlier in May, was in an interview where he was vocal about BTC, and gave an on-air prediction.

The first section of this book talks of different modes of payment that have been used before the year 2009. Among the payment methods include bartering, commodity money, and fiat. Bobby gives deep insights into the origins and successes of the different payment modes.

Also, in the book, Bobby introduces the world of bitcoin and digital currency. He addresses all the basics of bitcoin from the definition of terms like blockchain, wallet, exchange, hash power and many more.

Rookie crypto users are going to enjoy the basic crypto and blockchain education provided by this new book. After giving his basic level of crypto education, Bobby Lee gives his predictions on the future of Bitcoin.

Bobby Lee’s Prediction on Bitcoin

In this newly released book, Bobby gives his predictions on Bitcoin and crypto’s performance. According to him, Bitcoin will remain the best crypto asset in the long run, and users will stop comparing it to alternative coins. Also, Bobby’s book shows clear hope for Bitcoin both as a currency and investment option.

Bobby highlighted that bitcoin is still in its early days and anticipates bitcoin hitting $1 million in price. Institutional adoption of crypto is also going to accelerate as KOL changes their opinions in future about Bitcoin.

In an  interview, Bobby mentioned that besides Tesla, several other companies are interested in bitcoin, providing great prospects.

As government regulation increasingly becomes a problem, Bobby’s book predicts that the government’s regulations could become favourable in the future, especially for Bitcoin investors. The biggest highlight of this new book, especially on the prediction part, is that Bitcoin could reach full mainstream adoption by 2050.

The Pricing of Bobby Lee’s Book

As a book, Bobby has stated several ways of accessing or purchasing the book, including Amazon. Even more, Bobby Lee has a website dubbed which has direct links to the store where you can purchase the book.

The book comes in two bundles, all priced differently. For instance, the silver bundle comes with a hardcover book and email delivery of price predictions and bitcoin language. The silver level costs a reduced price of $59 currently and comes with a REAL bitcoin wallet.

The gold option costing $149 comes with everything in the silver bundle but includes the gold version of the REAL bitcoin wallet.

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