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Bako’s experience, investments and Impact In Africa

Bako’s experience, investments and Impact In Africa

Bako Ambianda is a Global African Entrepreneur, well-known, and respected as an International Development Expert.

Bako was interviewed by Coinnewsextra on his experience, investments and Impact in Africa.

Bako is the Chairman and CEO of Labacorp Group of Companies –  a diversified holding company with core business interests in key economic sectors spanning manufacturing, construction, power, real estate, agribusiness, and exhibition among others, with strong track record of operational excellence, board involvement, deep sectors expertise in Africa, with an extensive global network.

Mission and vision of LabaCorp

LabaCorp started as an event company in 2012. It got its vision after its first featured event.

Bako said, “Through the event I learnt about the opportunities in Africa and want to contribute to the development of Africa”. This gave birth to the LabaCorp group of companies.

The main vision of the company is to provide solutions to major Africa problems.

Presently, their area of operation is in 5 main sectors; the manufacturing sector, solar energy , agribusiness, real estate and exhibition.

Bako while explaining LabaCorp plan said that the major problem in Africa is Power supply. Creating a solar power would solve the issue and promote Industrialization.

Their company provides land for Agricultural purposes through their Real Estate program and in turn market Agricultural products through exhibition.

Is LabaCorp working on the use of emerging technology?

Bako said: “Our sector is not based on technology. In 2018, we understand the importance of Emerging technology and we are doing it through another company in Texas. The sector is not concerned with technology but economic development”

The future of Africa


When asked, Bako said: “The future of Africa will be like China…Entrepreneurship is becoming vast in Africa.”

It should be noted that China is known for having the highest number of Entrepreneurs in the world. There would be advancement in Africa if the number of Entrepreneurs increases.

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