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Auxilium Releases Lightpaper, Legal Docs, Exchange Listing a...

Auxilium Releases Lightpaper, Legal Docs, Exchange Listing and Airdrop Distribution

Auxilium Global published the academic whitepaper last week, and is busy with the last details of the Lightpaper which will be published on the 15th of September.

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This week their legal partner started the final legal documentation needed to start their top-tier cryptocurrency listing applications. The documentation will be finished within 2–3 weeks, meaning they can start sending out top-tier exchange listing applications in three weeks!

Following the two months airdrop campaign Auxilium announced that AUX token will be distributed this week!

Airdrop results
Many crypto enthusiasts joined the latest Auxilium airdrop and referral. Auxilium did not conduct an ICO and builds an initial amount of community through airdrops, referrals and other promotions where participants get rewarded for performing simple tasks (e.g. liking, following and sharing on social media).

Every participant who checked all requirements, and of course played by the rules (e.g. not using bots, fake accounts or trying to gain AUX though trying to cheat the system) will receive the expected AUX.

Two months participants had the chance to invite as many as possible people to our airdrop through their unique referral code. Not only will every referral earn 30 AUX, but the top-10 referrers also receive a massive bonus!

The top-10 with bonus amount of AUX.
Telegram usernames below.

  1. airdropsb2 (7,500 AUX)
  2. sharmalalit (5,000 AUX)
  3. abhiag126 (4,000 AUX)
  4. LegitAirdropTeam (3,000 AUX)
  5. Azrilanggara (2,000 AUX)
  6. orta4 (500 AUX)
  7. Putradarma (500 AUX)
  8. Dinhlonghai (500 AUX)
  9. Ikakie (500 AUX)
  10. Rokmat (500 AUX)

Also they randomly drew 10 lucky winners of 400 AUX!
The following 10 Telegram users have won 400 AUX.

  1. Jonhsmith1012
  2. KAKA32672946
  3. NaNguye80554929
  4. martin_wijaya
  5. SorenTino93
  6. vilmar1989
  7. Rafaizan77
  8. Anarralop
  9. Spiritix
  10. Crimsonscorpio
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Auxilium ended the announcement with a congratulations to all who participated in the airdrop, saying that “they will receive their AUX this week, and a special congratulations of course to those who achieved to reach the top-10 or where lucky enough to become one of the ten in the luck-draw.”


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