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Authenticated NFTs Launching on Ethernity Chain with STONE Farming

In partnership with Ethernity Chain, James Heuser will be minting limited edition authenticated NFTs for his signature works “Welcome to the Internet,” the artist confirmed.

Authenticated NFTs on Ethernity Chain

To celebrate, he added, he will be launching the 3D edition of his popular work. Also, this will be the first launch of Ethernity Chain.

Ethernity Chain is looking at how their authenticated NFT model will matter across multiple disciplines and sectors.

In their view, the internet is flawed.

It is designed more to help spread information and improve connectivity. However, beyond the internet being a publishing gem, it isn’t rewarding content creators, the true originators of all information.

Looking back, there are gifted artists like James, whose work has made them famous but with nothing big to show off.

In reality, while their gifts and expression talent is there for all to see, the current arrangement of internet monetization doesn’t recognize and reward them accordingly.

That’s why the merger between digital art and NFTs and creating an authenticated model right off custom art marketplace with NFT in mind right from the very beginning is a game-changer.

By partnering with James, Ethernity Chain is looking back to “right the wrong” and to “pave the way for our disruptive entrance to the NFT space.”

They explain:

“This is Web 3.0 truly realized, and this is why we’re launching with this meme meets NFT to look back at the past where things went wrong and pave the way for our disruptive entrance to the NFT space; space whose very creations are just beginning. Wait to see what we have in store for the future.”

How NFTs minting work in Ethernity Chain: ERN Staking and STONE Farming

Ethernity Chain’s solutions will directly benefit the artist. It would block off hallways through which precious digital art can be duplicated and stolen.

From the NFTs platform, an artist will produce his/her limited-edition work, which then gets authenticated using icons.

After that, work will be availed to an auction where winners get approval to mint these NFTs. Participants of these auctions must first stake ERN coins—Ethernity Chain’s native currency, subsequently farming STONE whenever they win and mint an NFT.

They can then put auction their work, flipping them for profits. However, Ethernity Chain clarifies that a small portion of the revenue generated from the auction and sales will be sent to charities.

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