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Applying Blockchain Technology for Lotteries

Applying Blockchain Technology for Lotteries

An interview session with the Ceo of MegaLtr Platform, Mr Kien on how Blockchain Technology can be applied to Lottery.

What Is MegaLtr?

According to The Ceo, Mr Kien: “MegaLtr is derived from the defects of traditional lottery”

People in a country cannot buy lotteries from another country. That means that people can only buy lotteries where they live. If they want to buy lotteries from another country, they have to come to that country.

To buy lotteries, buyers must go to lottery ticket counters or meet ticket sellers.

After buying the lottery ticket, you must safeguard it carefully.

To know if you won the lottery, you must look up the results.

Upon winning a prize, you must contact the lottery office to fulfill some procedures in order to receive the prize.

Applying Blockchain technology to buy tickets and receive rewards, done automatically via smart contracts.

Change payment method: Tickets and rewards do not use Fiat

Payment method: Tickets and rewards are paid in MLR Cryptocurrency (Token ER20).

MegaLTR Helps people to buy lottery tickets at any time and from anywhere.

How Will MegaLtr  Works?

MegaLTR is a decentralized lottery service. It’s one of the world’s first online lottery ticket services using cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Our native token, the MLR token  is the currency used by  players to participate in our transparent games.

How People Can Buy Lottery With MegaLtr?

2 USD for a ticket, special prize 40 million USD.

Prize structure: See details in the ticket selection section when buying tickets on

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Payment method: Tickets and rewards, calculated in USD and paid by MLR at the actual exchange rate, at the time of occurrence.

Time of awarding: Within 24 hours from the time of prize drawing, the rewardwill be automatically transferred to the winner’s ER20 wallet on

Lottery results:

LTRMillions Lottery: How to randomly select 6 numbers drawn from 2 different sets of numbers

5 numbers randomly selected from 1 to 70, these are illustrated as green balls on

1 number is randomly selected from number 1 to 25, these numbers are illustrateda a red ball on

Lottery date and time: 4 am, GMT, Wednesday and Saturday.

How to draw winning numbers:

Get American Megamillions lottery results published on and youtube channel of this tournament

• LTR Power Lottery:

How to randomly select 6 numbers drawn from 2 different sets of numbers:

5 numbers randomly selected from 1 to 69, these are illustrated as green balls on

Is MLR Available On Exchanges?

According to The CEO of MegaLtr: “Yes, it is very much available”, it is available on Vindax,LaToken, Bitcratic and CoinMarketcap”.

Buying lottery tickets of Megamillions and Powerball on

MegaLTR, what you need to know?

According to Mr Kien, these are the things to know to buy lottery tickets on the MegaLtr Platform

1. Know how to use ER20 tokens (ETH and MLR)

– Know how to use ER20 wallet to store ETH, MLR, send and receive

– Know how to buy and sell these 2 types of Token

2. Register to open an account at MegaLTR

3. Set up account security on MegaLTR

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4. How to deposit ETH and MLR into MegaLTR wallet

5. How to buy MLR at MegaLTR

6. How to choose numbers to buy tickets

7. How to withdraw ETH and MLR from MegaLTR wallet to other


8. Copy referral link as an agent for MegaLTR

9. How to view transactions at MegaLTR (Buy MLR, deposit, withdraw,

purchased tickets, winning tickets, checking …)







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