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AMASERIES 2020(2.1): Ama with guest speakers and GRAFSOUND REPRESENTATIVE – Manho Kim, GOM GRAFSOUND

The second edition of Amaseries 2020 – GMST Ama had dual sections. The second edition entertained questions from guest speakers.

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What is Graf Sound and its technology? Is GSMT a separate Blockchain like Ethereum chain or other chains? What Was The Inspiration Behind Graf Sound?

By Simon Henman – CEO of Asteroid 1, a Canadian blockchain company that operate &

GRAFSOUND’s GSMT token is a token based on Ethereum’s ERC-20.

As you can see, the current age is the era where people enjoy the most content based on sites like YouTube or Tik-Tok.

In addition, everyone wants to be a creator, Upload their own videos and enjoy the reactions of other users, not only can they make money through these activities.

When you create videos, you have to insert music and sound in there to create more vivid content.

In this way, Graf Sound is a service that can continually produce and consume the music and sound needed for All of the videos.

At Graf Sound, anyone can easily buy the music or audio they want. And even if it’s not music, anyone can edit and register all the sounds of the world in one simple step and become a creator. This will create a new creative economy.

We have price for interesting or good content. You can sell it and receive GSMT. That is the reason why we apply blockchain on our system.

With blockchain, we can prevent from duplication.!

The ETH blockchain is very slow, what is the main reason for building it on Ethereum blockchain rather than building it on BNB / Stellar Blockchain?

By Anna Tutova – CEO of Coinstelegram Agency that specialize in PR and marketing for blockchain projects.

Although not perfect, I think ERC-20 is an integral part of blockchain growth.

Because ERC-20 tokens are relatively easy for developers to develop, ICO companies mainly adopt ERC-20 tokens.

Before establishing GSMT’s independent mainnet, we first issued GSMT Token based on ERC-20.

ETHEREUM also allows developers to build and deploy decentralized applications.

In other words, Ethereum is a distributed blockchain network that records transactions and creates smart contracts, and Ethereum’s decentralized applications or Dapps can be deployed on the Ethereum platform, serve as currency or reward points, and serve as a role to meet the specific objectives of users.

We are planning to design and build the main net of GSMT this year.

Why do you need Blockchain for the solution you are providing? What’s your competitive advantage against other projects and what’s your recipe for success in this highly congested crypto space.


I think that everyone know that Blockchain technology supports reliable P2P transactions

It can create the basis for the complete protection of intellectual property rights such as copyright, which is very important, especially in content industry huh?

I think blockchain technology will play a big role in the field of cultural contents platforms such as Graf Sound as well as technological development over time.

The reason GRAFSOUND is different from other projects is that we don’t offer investors an ambiguous criterion to “do it”.

We act in action before words. We have already built GRAFSOUND.TV and the GRAFSOUND service will also open in July of this year.

You know, GRAFSOUND’s CEO and COO are also composers and singer-songwriters in Korea who have been active for a long time.

Based on this professional experience, we will lead the GRAFSOUND project successfully.

What is your objective and goal in this crypto field?

Our Graf Sound service is not intended to simply improve copyright issues using blockchain technology.

The key is to create a mass ecosystem using blockchain technology. Blockchain still has a lot of technical challenges to overcome. That’s our mission, too.

After listing, we will start building the main network through a more thorough technical planning process.

I want GSMT to be an important cryptocurrency as the pillar of the music industry’s token economy.

Of course there will be technical shortcomings and the limitations of block chains anyway.

However, we will work with more qualified experts to improve and develop continuous improvement.

To say again, Our project is not just a bad project that sells tokens to raise big funds in a short amount of time and show nothing and disappear.

With free music services, where does your revenue come from to maintain a project for a long time?

Usually, general free music sites revenue come from advertising activities.

We will also have funds from advertising revenue.

In addition to music services, we also operate a variety of services within GRAFSOUND that are popular and can generate revenue immediately.

Will your project have a policy of copying and transferring from one system to another in the successful system for the pirate sales and impressions that have occurred unusually recently?

As I have said before Blockchain technology has yet to fully protect the illegal distribution of music online and offline.

Blockchain technology so far only offers a better alternative to copyright distribution management.

It is also a challenge to overcome in all industries that utilize blockchain.

SO we will use blockchain technology to protect the rights of music sources and copyright holders.

It will focus its efforts on popularizing blockchain technology.

Where do you find the balance between creating your own sound effects and using a sound effects library, especially for creators on a budget?

By Chidi ,founder of

TikTok, for example, provides filters that can produce various effects on images or pictures.

As such, the GRAFSOUND will allow the ‘sound’ to have a variety of effects, making it fun and easy for the USER to use.

Paid services will be carried out in accordance with the service policy, either free or according to the function of some effects.

The essential source for the video is “sound.” We will create a world that goes by ‘sound’.

We hope that we can create an ecosystem that everyone is benificial.

How do you plan to stand out among the already available music platforms like Spotify, Apple music etc.

This group is really famous in 20s in Korea. they are the 2nd generation idol there and I produced that song

GRAFSOUND provides in-depth service from the creator’s perspective than Spotify, Apple music.

Not just listening and viewing services, but GRAFSOUND provides USER with a system where anyone can easily participate in creative activities and economic activities with music.

These creative economic activities will give many people another motivation and fun in life.

After we launched our project, the app will be out. Everyone can easily download and use it.

By the way, we have a lot of marketing plan in a lot of communication channel to earn more user.

I believe that our app is good enough to create and expand our community by rumors through people.

We also have a chatting function inside the app to help you communicate with others.

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