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The second edition of Amaseries 2020 – GMST Ama was held at the coinkeeper world with over 75,000 number of people among which were notable persons like the founder of Coinkeeper, T JAZZ and four invited guests.

In this artice, the Ama has been summarized for easy digest. You can check Ama official teleegram group @Amaseries for the detailed Ama discussion.

How will GRAFSOUND break the barriers facing, attract more funds from outside crypto space and evaluate the support from community. Also, What is their strategy to marketing and for Mass Adoption?

Answered by Manho Kim – General Operations Manager, GRAFSOUND.

Bloomberg, the US economic journal predicts that the use of cryptocurrencies and the market related to it will expand at a rapid rate and institutional investors will invest more than bitcoin by 2020.

Not only that, they think that Bitcoin is digital gold and predict Bitcoin market will grow strongly this year.

As you already know, the Altcoin market will largely follow the trend of Bitcoin.

However, now we are going through the Corona period. Corona’s situation has spread.The global economy is stagnant and the cryptocurrency market is in the same sphere.

Experts saythere is no need to worry too much, because the cryptocurrency market has a far different response than the traditional financial market.

Of course, the cryptocurrency market is also somewhat affected by the coronavirus.

However, we should remember that Bitcoin prices have risen despite the fact that the U.S. and Iran are worried about the possibility of war.

So we believe that the effect of the coronavirus on the cryptocurrency market is not too great.

BitMex Research said, “Bitcoin will be the biggest opportunity in history thanks to Corona19” and recently, Blockchain projects with market capitalization in top 20 were not affected much by Corona virus.

Despite the corona crisis, cryptocurrency exchange BTSE sold out of IEO within 4 hours and Solana also said it raised $ 1.76 million through token sales in the Netherlands.

I would like to present the marketing strategy of Grafsound GSMT token.

We will provide GRAFSOUND music service in tandem with the promotion of the GSMT token to attract investment by GSMT.

Currently, we have signed a Marketmaking contract with a team of top 3 electronic asset management professionals in China – SKYLINE and are promoting the marketing process for the project.

Skyline currently has close cooperation relationships with many large-scale communities with over 100,000 participants.

In addition, this is an excellent company that has successfully implemented more than 80 crypto-related projects.

Our GRAFSOUND music service is expected to officially launch in July and recently, we have also completed the development of the GRAFSOUND TV software.

These are two services that are operated in tandem to provide free music services for users, thereby creating a working environment for GSMT copper, expanding the user community and using the service.

The biggest problem in raising capital with tokens is that many projects have not been certified to operate to raise large capital with just a few whitepaper sites.

However we are not like that. As you all know, KPOP has become a symbol of the Korean Hallyu wave worldwide.

With this mass music service, we will lead the GSMT token economy with real-world service, not with words.

GRAFSOUND’s success story, revenue model and upcoming updates.

Graf Sound offers a free streaming music service.

Grafsound’s main source of revenue is advertising fees, and users have to pay to listen to music
without ads.

In addition, it also generates other profits through diverse side services (DApp).

GrafSound’s app is planned to provide a variety of services such as personal broadcast (Mcn), crowdfunding, Goods shopping center, audition, social networking (SNS), voting, ticket sales,etc.

These features will help secure resources for Grafsound’s service activities, besides, they also contribute to boosting the token ecosystem of GSMT.

Our goal is to enhance the value of GSMT and continually expand the ecosystem of GSMT tokens through this application.

GrafSound is not only planned for the purpose of music but also the desire to ‘contain all the sounds in the world’. People can register and sell all sounds on earth freely through GRAFSOUND.

This is the model that anyone can become creative. For example, you open the app, record your friends’ laughter and register to use the app’s sound effects function.

Just like YouTube and Tik Tok, when creating a Video we always need diverse music and sound effects.

So, we created a service that made it possible for people to register and sell all the sounds on earth that came from this need.

In addition, artists will be provided with tools to support creative activities and purchase for free. Artists can post and sell their music through their accounts.

Besides, before the official launch of the GRAFSOUND app, we have launched the GRAFSOUND TV service, so everyone can try it out now. Through the website, people can enjoy all the music in this world for free.

Currently GrafSound has a mobile application as an apk. You can visit the website: to download the application.

GRAFSOUND is a project that represents Asian music combined with Blockchain technology.

How GRAFSOUND plan to develop in a potential Vietnamese market

We have created a team ready to work and develop with famous singers and artists in Vietnam.

We will take advantage of this as we conduct our marketing and promotion campaigns in Vietnam.

Grafsound is the first service to be launched in Vietnam.

We know that the biggest problem in the Vietnamese music market is copyright.

Although our intentions have been somewhat delayed due to Corona, we have contacted and are in the process of discussing with Vietnamese music copyright center on suggestions to improve copyright issues in Vietnam.

Currently, Vietnamese music websites are operating with illegal digital distribution structure.

This is the biggest obstacle to the development of the Vietnamese music market. We have applied blockchain technology in digital music registration, distribution and payment of usage fees.

As you know, blockchain technology is an advanced technology in the field of intellectual property rights as well as copyrights.

So with Graf Sound we believe the revolution for musical improvement is guaranteed for upcoming artist to feel belonged to the society and have right to there music.

Grafsound development plan, market strategy and when they will be commercially available

Graf Sound is currently in development and will be released in July.

In addition, we have developed and tested GrafSound TV, which works with GrafSound.

Besides, we are holding a global audition contest to promote Graf Sound seriously.

Reasons why investor should invest Grafsound for long-term

First, GSMT forms a realistic token economy. In addition to the GRAF SOUND music service, the use of tokens will increase with the expansion of the popular DApp service and its value will increase even more.

Secondly, we only sell a very small amount of GSMT in advance through the Block deal.

Of the 7 billion GSMT issuance volume, 1 million has been distributed to date and 21,000 tokens have been used for marketing purposes.

We will not proceed to sell large quantities of tokens like other blockchain projects.

If a lot of tokens are distributed via the presale, it is difficult to protect the market price and it will not get a quick response to the token after listing as on the exchange. Eventually, the price of the token will decline rapidly.

We will only raise the minimum amount needed to operate the GrafSound service with the GSMT token. For this purpose, the terms and conditions of the Block deal we intend to conduct will be very beneficial for investors.

For that reason, the sale volume after listing will be extremely small, so we will be able to steadily increase the token price.

The second edition of Amaseries 2020 – GMST Ama had dual sections.


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