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Algorand's Relay Node Runner Suspension

Algorand's Relay Node Runner Suspension

Algorand is a Boston-based open-source software company working towards building a borderless economy. The Algorand community has been recently working on numerous EIPs to improve the Foundation. One of these is EIP-09092019PC (“the Proposal”), which proposes a 30-day suspension of daily rewards for relay node runners.

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The proposal came about because the community felt that the current relay node reward mechanism was detrimental to the system.

The suspension will allow sufficient time for the development of an improved plan for relay rewards that will be congruent with the long-term vision of the Algorand network. The voting took place between block# 02099600 and block# 02177300, lasting from September 25, 23:59 SGT to September 29, 23:59 SGT.

Depending on how the community wishes to move forward, the relay-node rewards may get suspended for a more extended period, or it may get reduced considerably. Regardless of how the Foundation and the community decide to proceed, this is still a very welcome change.

This shows that Algorand is willing to listen to their community’s needs and act accordingly.

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