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Alchemy Poses as the World’s First Cryptocurrency Paym...

Alchemy Poses as the World’s First Cryptocurrency Payment Pioneer

The number of cryptocurrencies is becoming more, which are issued by countries and companies of different levels, investors and holders of these tokens use them both as instruments of accumulation and are ready to make purchases with their help, but there is still no convenient platform for the implementation of this idea.

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Alchemy, the first payment protocol promises to solve that problem with a solution that combines payment by both traditional money and cryptographic digital ones.

Alchemy aims at the universal possibility of introducing a digital payment protocol in any kind of business and activity with the possibility of carrying out both online and offline transactions, combining the use of cryptocurrencies and traditional electronic money.

This platform claims to be a hybrid payment solution that allows you to make purchases without risks and delays and enables users to receive local currency. This development can already be downloaded for the iOS operating system and support solutions that help to scale the network and increase its bandwidth in the form of Raiden and Lightning Network.

The team consists of experienced entrepreneurs in the field of financial and technical services, investing in promising and effective payment solutions, e-commerce and therefore it is safe to say that their members are fully familiar with the current problems of traditional monetary systems.
Alchemy provides a really useful and convenient solution for the widespread introduction of the use of cryptocurrencies in the daily lives of people in various areas and will help to fight both fraud and bureaucratic restrictions, opens access to financial services to billions of people.

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This concept is supported by many well-known public media in the field of blockchain and investments, the team has developed a comprehensive roadmap and continues to create a solution that allows to dispose of digital tokens without the need to exchange them for fiat money using centralized services.

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