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Abuja Blockchain and Digital Assets Conference 2019: Interview with Bitfxt CEO

Bill payments, airtime recharging and other everyday transactions have proven to be Herculean in the past, even with the use of cryptocurrency. Bitfxt is on the scene to change that narrative, with its constant innovations to soothe the everyday need of people all around the world.

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What Is Bitfxt?

Bitfxt coin (BXT) is a ‘decentralized cryptocurrency built with a proof of stake algorithm. BXT Coin is the store of value in the Bitfxt ecosystem — an alliance of entities and technologies built on a world-class hardware infrastructure, proprietary blockchain technology, a decentralized, user friendly wallet system and a regulation-friendly global network of KYC authenticated users.

Bitfxt Exchange is the fastest rising and most reliable cryptocurrency exchange in Africa.

CoinNewsExtra had two interview sessions with the C.E.O of Bitfxt exchange.

Bitfxt Projects

  • Bitfxt Exchange:  It is the go-to exchange for both the learned and unlearned. It is intuitive and easy to operate. Users can fund their accounts seamlessly and withdraw with ease. It is the cheapest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of fees.
  • Bitfxt Cointracker: Bitfxt cointracker is a sophisticated crypto currency, exchange and news tracking software. It solves a major problem in the crypto space. Users of Bitfxt Cointracker can keep tabs of every activity on the coin market cap., News, the various assets they are trading in various other exchanges without having to login to their accounts. It is amazingly always up to date because all the info. are in real time.

Bitfxt Use Case:

BXT coin is an exchange coin as well as a payment token. It can be used to pay for all the fees within the bitfxt eco system. It also functions as a stake in the hands of the holders.

Forward Steps for BitFxt

Bitfxt was present at the Abuja Blockchain and Digital Assets Conference which took place early this month to showcase their products and services to attendees. Recently, Bitfxt listed Liechtenstein-based coin,  Flashcoin and Chainlink on its exchange.

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