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A Third Tulip Trust is Revealed by Craig Wright as We Await its Arrival

10 days after the Tulip Trust expired, new court filings have appeared in the billion-dollar Kleiman v. Wright lawsuit.

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One document describes the professed existence of a Tulip Trust III, which was shown to the plaintiffs on January 6, 2020. Another filing shows that Judge Beth Bloom has affirmed part of the sanctions against Craig Wright and dropped other sanctions if the bonded courier arrives by February 3, 2020.

Another Tulip Trust? Really??

On Jan. 6, Wright’s legal team produced a third, confidential Tulip Trust document in a lot of 428 new documents. The Kleiman estate requested a 10-day extension for Wright to provide redactions of the document, which caused Bitcoin SV to jump over 30 percent in one day.

While some believe this document could contain the missing pieces that would unlock Wright’s alleged $10 billion fortune, most agree it’s just another one of Wright’s attempts to make a fool out of the court.

The Kleiman v. Wright lawsuit continues with some interesting developments and the alleged existence of a third Tulip Trust. The self-proclaimed inventor of the Bitcoin protocol, Craig Wright, is being sued by the family of Dave Kleiman for allegedly manipulating his BTC assets and intellectual property after his death.

More recently, the alleged Tulip Trust I, which ostensibly holds 1.1 million BTC, has expired. Wright is waiting on a bonded courier to deliver the final key to a set of eight needed to unlock the trust.

Wright and His Witty Inventions

According to a motion filed by Ira Kleiman, the lot of 428 documents contained a third, confidential Tulip Trust documents. Titled “Tulip Trust III,” the document was not revealed under the court’s prior order to produce all documents related to the “blind” trust Wright claimed held the keys to his Bitcoin fortune.

Following the discovery of a third trust document, the depositions of Craig Wright, Ramona Watts, and Andrew O’Hagan were postponed by Judge Bloom. The Judge also decided to sustain in part and overrule in part some of the sanctions levied against Wright.

Bloom noted that Wright argues that he was sanctioned before he “should have been afforded the opportunity to wait until [the date the bonded courier is set to come] to see if he receives the key slices to generate the list of his bitcoin holdings, which he could then provide to plaintiffs.”

Judge Bloom Believes Wright, at least

Despite the fact that the court questions the plausibility of Wright’s tale, Bloom will give him more time to provide evidence on his behalf.

In the long run, the possibility of Wright recovering the keys to his alleged 1.1 million BTC fortune could push Bitcoin’s price down. As many Wright supporters believe he will most likely dump a large percentage of his alleged holdings to cover his legal fees, the fear of a devaluating BTC could trigger a sell-off even before any major action from Wright.

Wright contends that the bonded courier is due to arrive at some point in January 2020, the filing underlines. Judge Bloom will permit Wright “through and including February 3, 2020” to let the court know if the courier arrived.

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