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December 1, 2020

Spanish Tax Authority Set for Showdown Over Crypto Tax Evasion

The Agencia Estatal de Administración Tributaria (AEAT), more commonly known as the Agencia Tributaria, the tax agency of the Spanish government is set to take a hard-line stance on what...
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Russian prime minister promises to tackle digital currency scams

The Prime Minister of Russia has said the government would work to develop digital currency markets in a “civilized direction,” promising to do more to protect the interests of digital...
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China Central Bank Pushes for CBDC to Displace Dollar Dominance

The Chinese central bank said Monday that the country needs to become the first to issue a digital currency to reduce its dependence on the global dollar payment system, according...
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Facebook fined $6.1M in South Korea for sharing user data without consent

Facebook is once again facing regulatory action for breaching data protection and privacy laws. This time, the social media company has been fined $6.1 million in South Korea for sharing...
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BitMEX appoints Alexander Höptner as CEO

BitMEX has long been a pioneer when it comes to bitcoin derivative products. However, due to its recent tussle with the American authorities, the exchange faced a major setback. With...
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Ethereum flips Bitcoin’s node count

A surge of validators awaiting Eth2 staking has pushed Ethereum’s node count to 11,259  surpassing Bitcoin by more than 100 Ethereum 2.0 genesis stakers have pushed the total number of...
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China: Citizens Already Spending Airdropped Digital RMB as DCEP Testing Continues

Lucky recipients of the recent digital currency electronic payment (DCEP) airdrop are already spending their free digital yuan. China’s planned DCEP — the country’s version of a central bank digital...
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