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2020 AMAseries: AMA II With XTRM CEO, Subhranil Banerjee

2020 AMAseries: AMA II With XTRM CEO, Subhranil Banerjee

AMAseries announces AMA II With XTRM CEO Subhranil Banerjee.

The Ama has been scheduled to hold at CoinKeeper World Telegram Channel by 10 PM SGT, 24 April 2020.

The first Ama session for 2020 was held at the coinkeeper world with over 72,000 number of person and two representatives; M. Kennedy, Founder and C.E.O. of Trustmarkethub and Mr Daniel F., the CTO of Trustmarkethub.

The second session promises a better package with chances of getting free 30$ USDT.

To participate, join AMAseries Channel & Group and  XTRM Group  & Channel. You can also drop Questions Using #AskXTRM in AMAseries group.

About XTRM
XTRM is the future of digital currency globally and the most trusted partner for all financial needs through Crypto arbitraging and FX software, risk-free returns are ensured to investors.

Some of the services rendered by XTRM are not limited to; E-commerce, forex trading, software, crypto exchanges, etc

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